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Water Crisis Through Story

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Water Crisis

(A girl who becomes Gabbar to save the water..)

Hello everyone, this blog is related to all the aware people who want to save and understand the water crisis. It has some amazing facts about water that make you wonder and also helpful for UPSC aspirants. But wait… I am going to tell all these things through a beautiful story. I hope you like this story.

There is a city named Kanchi a rainless area and outskirt of this city, a baby who born in dark night with stormy weather. Her name is Kripani. She loved her mother a lot. Since her birth there has been no rain, one year spend, agriculture gradually turned into barren land, there was no drinking water, get the ground water becomes hard. But Kripani is dreaming something else while sitting at the corner of her house knowing the scarce condition of her village. One day suddenly many chairperson of municipalities in the city became disappear, many government worker got frightened, sewage system of river is operating properly after many years, many posh colonies’ citizens are becoming dying because of no water tank, no water supply, many big companies suddenly got closed, the supply of water is stopped by someone but police couldn’t find that person.

On the other hand, villagers are gradually prospering…The whole Kanchi get stirred up. Then suddenly there is an announcement on radio …” I am Gabbar, not that in Sholay (with dangerous laugh) but of the Kanchi.” But she is unaware of her gps tracking which is monitored by CBI. Now police is very near to catch her…but then suddenly on Monday morning, someone is standing on the red fort, the highest fort of Kanchi, with mask on face. She is no one but Kripani. The eye of whole Kanchi is on Kripani. She wanted to say something but as she started to tell CBI caught her. After many appeals demanding from public side, she got an opportunity to tell.

The whole crowd became silent, now everyone want to get free Kripani. Instantly a huge crowd ready to use weapons to free Kripani but then somehow she said that “No need to secure me. If you really want to secure something so please secure water because water security is now become crucial for human being to tackle with challenges as –

1. India contains17.5 % of world population with 4% of world’s water resources.

2. According to Composite Water Management Index 21 major cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai atc will have zero ground water level.

3. Severe water scarcity will loss 6% of GDP and create geopolitical issues. And gradually our earth will become barren. Many of our resources even exploited by Britishers. Their “Indian Easement Act of 1882 ” policy declared water as state subject and over exploited the ground water. Today many state as Jaisalmer, Barwer of Rajasthan, Kutch and Saurashtra of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Chhattisgarh are in danger.

So if someone waste water so instantly alert them, if any industry or individual directly pour dirty water so take legal action, if someone spread waste on road instantly take action, using the proper method which cannot deplete the ground water because according to Composite Water Management Index associated with NITI Aayog Report (2018) stated that 600 million people are facing water stress. So that no women need to go far away to take water from well. Not need to save me, you all youths need to take action for every wrong things happens before you. And also remember it is not always a man who is a Gabbar, but sometimes a woman can also become a Gabbar.” Now Kripani is remembered as the martyr of Kanchi and that year Kanchi city got the first position in the water management index of India .Thanks to Kripani…

Many government initiatives also launched and accessed in many small villages to provide drinking water as well, as following…

1. Namami Ganga Program is launched in 2014 with two objectives. One is the effective abatement of pollution and second one is Conservation and rejuvenation of the national river Ganga.

2. Draft National Water Framework Bill, 2016 – According to Mihir Shah Committee report there is four pillar needed for water conservation as Protection of water bodies, Conservation, Regulation and Management. Ministry of Jal Shakti was created in 2019 by connecting ministry of water resources, river development and Ganga Rejuvenation with objective to stop tig of war among ministries.

3. Jal Jeevan Mission, 2019 aimed at ‘Har Ghar Nal Se Jal ‘ i.e. Tap connection to every rural household by 2024.

4. Jal Shakti Abhiyan is a step towards water governance with aim including water conservation, rain water conservation, renovation of traditional water bodies, revenue and recharge, watershed development and intensive afforestation etc. National Project on Aquifer Management is launched under Jal Shakti Abhiyan with objective of sustainable management of ground water.

Thus, this is an imaginary story with real facts and Statics which shows the importance of water of human existence.

So if you like this story so tell in comment section. Thank you.

~Neha Soni from Ojaank IAS Academy (Conceptor EMI, Yojana and Krushetra Batch)

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